What happens to junk cars in Edmonton

People wonder what happens to junk cars in Edmonton. Every shiny new car in Edmonton gets old at one time and then ends up in junk yards in Edmonton. The only value it has at that point is the value of metal that can be recycled to keep our environment safe and green and also the value of parts that can be sold to re-use.

Once the car is sold for cash to scrap yards in Edmonton (called cash for clunkers Edmonton), that old car ends up in the line for crusher, a massive machine that is used to compress an old junk car into tiny cube or flattened slab of metal to reuse somewhere else. This old junk car in Edmonton is basically crushed to turn into brick of steel that can be recycled.

The whole process of Edmonton junk car removal starts with removing all the important and re usable parts of the old car. Then that car is crushed through the big piece of machinery called car crusher in a junk yard in Edmonton. Compressing junk cars in Edmonton takes up less space when stored or when it is being transported via train or truck to a recycling facility in Canada. This whole process of junk cars in Edmonton is not much but it does get its owner in Edmonton cash for junk cars.

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