Car Crushing for junk cars in Edmonton

All your old cars in Edmonton become junk cars at one point and leads to car crushing for junk cars in Edmonton. These junk cars can be sold for some cash in Edmonton. The question that arises here is what happens to those junk cars in Edmonton. These junk cars get crushed and all the metal gets recycled.

It all begins with a crusher. There are two types of car crushers. There are stationary and portable crushers available in Edmonton. Portable crushers, like the name suggests can be moved around from place to place and are set on a semi-truck. In either case, the car crusher compresses the metal which helps the metal to be stored in minimum space in Edmonton. The portable crushing machine comprises of an engine, a bed and a crushing plate. Junk cars in Edmonton are placed on the crushing bed and aligned in such a way that any force applied is even. It is the crushing plate that does most of the work in crushing the junk car in Edmonton. The crushing machine uses its hydraulic system to apply about 150 tons of force to turn the junk car into a cube of steel. The hydraulic system used has hydraulic fluid which pumps in the cylinder and generates the power to crush steel.

One important thing to note is that before any junk car is crushed in Edmonton, all the important parts such as battery, transmission and few other re-usable things are taken out of the junk car to be resold later. Other items which cannot be re used are thrown away or recycled. Some junk car removal services in Edmonton use magnets to separate ferrous metals from the non-ferrous metals in order to make the recycling of junk cars in Edmonton easier.

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